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Post  H4rpie on Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:59 pm

Competitions are held by admins {Senior Teachers at LCA}.
The rules are as follows {To Students}-
Meet all the standards
× Compete to the best of your abilities.
× Do not cheat, such as making accounts to vote for yourself {If it's a vote challenge}
× Do not criticize, bully or tease other competitors.
You MAY:
× Create a reply stating why yours should be picked,
× Ask others to vote for you

As for teachers, rules are:
× Do not create a competition without Admins {H4rpie} permission.
× Do not pick by yourself - get at least two other teachers to help set up and monitor, and get them to help pick the winner!
×Do not pick favourites - Doing so will remove your admin rights.
Teachers may:
×Ask students how far they are getting along.
×Set rules, such as time limits, student limits, item limits and ect.
×May remove a student from the contest.

Have fun! Smile


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